YO! If you are here, it means you are ready to book your PROSPEROUS PRACTICE strategy call! Bravo, thats a big first step and shows how committed you are to making this “coaching thing” into a real business.

I am happy to offer you a 60-minute, totally complimentary call, where either I (or an awesome expert from my team) am going to co-create a GROWTH PLAN with you to build prosperity in your life and impact in your coaching business.

During this awesome opportunity to deep dive into your world, we will:

  • Help you create CRYSTAL-level clarity on your vision for your coaching practice (kinda hard to build a plan if we aren’t sure what we want to create) and we will create an ACTION PLAN to know exactly what it will take to make that happen!
  • Use my 3-Stage “Competition-Proof Coaching Practice” Framework to pinpoint exactly which of the 3 DIALS need to be turned or tweaked in your business to help it really take off!
  • Uncover which of the 9 Areas of Coaching MASTERY (that we have helped over 200 coaches with) will have the biggest impact on YOUR particular business - this ALONE is a game-changer!

Go ahead and grab a spot on our calendar below and fill out the short questionnaire and we will give you all the details for how to connect for our session (and if you can’t find a time that works for you, just click here and message me directly and I’ll find a good spot on the calendar that works for both of us).

Hear what some of our graduates are saying about The Competition-Proof Business Immersion (formerly known as The Business UNusual System or B.U.S.)


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